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Educate Girls, Empower india

An Appeal

Education is a great equaliser and Skill is the surest way to conquer poverty.  Prerana has been working towards the cause of education and bridging the skill gap for last 16 years, kudos to many Individual and Corporate donors.  “Every deserving student shall have access to Education, Skill Development and Employment” is the vision that drives many self-less souls associated with Prerana.


Current pandemic situation has compounded the problem prompting us to scale up our efforts.  Your contribution will help Educate & Employ most deserving, meritorious and economically underprivileged students thereby eradicating poverty for countless people.

Our Goal

Raising 1.5 Cr to support 5000 girl students for a year, leading to less than USD 50 per student per year, which includes scholarship, mentoring via local mentors, and training for better employability.

Key Message

Transform the lives of 5000 deserving girls from rural Karnataka in 11th grade through sustained educational support


Transform - Bring the student and her family out of poverty deserving - Academically strong, economically weak girls - Most apt in the current social scenario


11th grade - the earliest we can nurture merit and consider sustained support for employment sustained - support for 5 years until they graduate and get a suitable job educational - academic, exposure and skill


Bridging Education Gap

How to support students and their families financially and emotionally so that they see the benefit of continuing their education despite immediate hardships. 

First phase - 2 years 

  • Financial assistance to the deserving students 

  • Mentorship and guidance for the students and their families via local mentor

Second phase - 3 years

  • Financial assistance for continuing education

  • Internship opportunities and career guidance

Reducing the Exposure Gap

How to connect the students to the world of opportunities. 

First phase - 2 years

  • Importance of education in one’s career and life

  • Exposure to real life situation and opportunities

Second phase - 3 years

  • Career connect with industry professionals

  • Alumnus talks and buddying up

Improving the Skills Gap

How to supplement the college curriculum with additional skills so that the students emerge as confident capable individuals ready to take on emerging opportunities 

First phase - 2 years

  • English support 

  • Personality development modules

Second phase - 3 years

  • Digital and financial literacy

  • Life Skills

  • Business Communication sessions by Corporate Volunteers

  • Preparation for career

    • Group Discussions & Mock Interviews

    • Aptitude Tests

Our Approach

Student Selection

  • Academic criteria: Excellent academic records and clearing an entrance test.

  • Economic criteria: House visits to verify parents & family background.

  • Performance criteria: Students should secure minimum credits in skill development programs conducted by Prerana from time to time.

Student Support & Management

Support and Manage students through a ground level local presence and connect to keep the connection sustained, aligned and real.

  • Strengthen approachability of students using local mentors

  • Orchestrate using district level trainers

  • Scale using train the trainer programs

What can you sponsor?

Sponsor a girl student

(1 student)

Students get :

  • College fees

  • Text books & stationery

  • Skills training

  • Learning Improvement Plan & guidance

Your involvement :

  • Named student connect

  • Continuous feedback on student

  • Opportunity to interact with student to mentor on a need basis to bring a difference

Price :

Rs. 3,000 for year

(45 USD)

Sponsor a class of girls

(20 students)

Students get :

  • College fees

  • Text books & stationery

  • Skills training

  • Learning Improvement Plan & guidance

Your involvement :

  • Named class in a school

  • Monthly Report on students performance evaluated by Mentor

  • Opportunity to interact with mentor and bring a difference

Price :

Rs. 60,000 for a year

(900 USD)

Sponsor a school

(100 students)

Students get :

  • College fees

  • Text books & stationery

  • Skills training

  • Learning Improvement Plan & guidance

Your involvement :

  • Named school connect

  • Direct feedback from principal

  • Opportunity to interact with principal and bring a difference if you want to be involved

Price :

Rs. 3,00,000 for a year

(USD 4500)

A peek into their lives

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