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Prerana Days - Scholarship programs and SKF village visit

Scholarships to Kanakapura Rural College and Govt. Degree College Students

These are the students who have been receiving Scholarship support since their 11th grade (PUC). They are now in the first-year undergraduate program. Two more years of support and guidance in the form of skills training should see them on the path to economic & social upward mobility.


Visit to most interior villages to homes of girls under SKF Scholarship for Girls

A creative team from Mumbai/Pune visited the most interior parts of Chikballapura to capture the lives and progress of beneficiaries under the SKF Scholarship for Girls program. Amrutha's father is a shepherd who tends to his herd of about 40 sheep.

Amrutha was utilizing her time off to draw a beautiful drawing showing how this program is transforming her.

Below picture is a farm in Bandakindapalli, the farthest place from Bangalore bordering Andhra Pradesh. Mohan, Divya's father has taken about 1.5 acres of farm on lease. He grows tomato and groundnuts. He virtually lives there to protect his crop from onslaught of deers, peacocks, wild boars during early morning and late nights. He has invested 1.3 Lakhs already and his constant worry is if he is going to recover his investment al all.


Stay safe !

Its time to be vigilant, informative, safe and stay indoors. We have concluded all our Scholarship activities and declared Work From Home.

Our next Prerana Days report will be after we have conquered the deadly virus and start interacting with our students again.

Please be safe and see you all soon.

Prerana Team

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