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PreranaNGO - a journey to Social Mobility through Education

Our nation’s current scenario of socio-economic inequality is aptly expressed by Prof. Anirudh Krishna, Professor of Public Policy and Political Science at Duke University in his book - ‘The Broken Ladder: The Paradox and Potential of India’s One-Billion’. It’s indeed a paradox that the country which was described as cradle of civilisation is reeling under huge inequality. It’s a humongous task to enhance social mobility of its one plus billion population, Education is one sure and lasting way to achieve it.

PreranaNGO (inspire), as the name suggests, is dedicated towards uplifting social mobility of deserving students. UN SDGs that we deeply concerned with are 1.No Poverty, 4.Quality Education & 5.Gender Equality.

PreranaNGO is not an individual, it’s an institution. For people at PreranaNGO , it’s not a job, a passion. All the corporate & individual donors, volunteers & mentors, board members & staff work with PreranaNGO to achieve e2e, education-to-employment of those deserving students who are from remote villages bereft of access to quality education and skills to pursue a career.

Three vertices of e2e at PreranaNGO are 1.Scholarship - enable meritorious but under-served students to continue education. 2. Training & Skill Development - provide quality training in the areas of personality development, English communication, digital literacy, financial literacy and ability to secure an employment. 3. Placement assistance to find them suitable work.

Close to 1,000 students from various locations are impacted last year. Goal is to reach 2,000 students in 2020. We have embarked upon a highly ambitious mission of promoting social mobility of 10,000 students through education and skill development in ten years. While this is a tiny drop in the current inequality ocean, it’s no small target to achieve. We can achieve this together and aim for much more collectively.

Come and be a part of this great journey of promoting Social Mobility through Education.

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