Bridging the critical gap through Skill Development & Scholarship
Skill Development and Scholarship

A Prerana Story

“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela. Today’s competitive world seeks not just education but skills as well. Education without necessary employability skills can be a recipe for disaster given the aspirations of our youth.

Prerana not just provides Scholarship to students coming from challenging economic and social background, most importantly imparts employability skills to make students prepared for a career after their education.


We believe that education is the most powerful means of fighting poverty

To this end, we provide Financial-Aid to meritorious students from underprivileged backgrounds, from PUC 1st Year (11th grade) up to college or professional degree. Knowing that the lives of students from underprivileged backgrounds are beset with pressures, we stay engaged with them, provide counseling to boost their morale and self-esteem and ensure they don’t drop out.



For a deserving student, economic difficulty should not be a reason to be deprived of an education. Prerana is centered around this very belief.

Skill training

Today, India faces a crisis in the area of “work-readiness” among graduates. Less than 30% of Indian graduates are deemed work-ready.

Career Connect

Prerana involves industry experts from respective fields and also recruitment consultants to address the students and also help to conduct mock interviews.

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Scholarship Program


Prerana has been working towards the cause of education and bridging the skill gap for last 16 years, kudos to many Individual and..

Skill Development


You can play an integral role in our journey
and be an agent of change. We love volunteers who share the same vision.

Skill Development

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If you are a student looking for an internship or job opportunity at Prerana, please fill out the forms on the Join Us page.

What people say about us

  • Being a Prerana student is my turning point in my life. In my schooldays I was a shy introvert student finding hard to speak with others. After attending Prerana camp I was encouraged to nurture my hidden talents, I was able to overcome my weakness and started connecting with people ….I am experiencing positive change in my personality due to continuous implementation of soft skills trained at Prerana class. Prerana is also supporting me through financial aid.

    BE Student
  • Due to my performance I started getting financial support from Prerana, which was a great help. While providing the scholarship students were asked to talk before scholarship distribution regarding their academic or achievements which were the best opportunity to talk about ourselves. Also we got to know each other through this. I want to tell Prerana is like a family am one of them I am very happy to being a part of Prerana.

    Arts student
  • …Finally,I got placed in “TATA ELXSI”. I’m very happy and my parents are also happy. Prerana acts like stepping stone in my life in connecting me to company like Tata elxsi.It mayn’t be all the steps, but some steps for sure and those steps means lots to me. Thank you Prerana and the entire team.

    BE student
  • Vidya Danam Maha Danam” is the motto of Prerana and this has inspired me the most. I love teaching. I am doing my BBA and it’s been two amazing years at the Prerana family. Prerana has given me an unbroken academic and financial support that even a million thanks is less! Thank you Prerana.

    BBA student

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