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Today, India faces a crisis in the area of “work-readiness” among graduates.

Employability of India’s youth has decreased to 45.9% with the percentage of highest employable talent in the age group of 18-21 years old, at 40% ( This number will be substantially low in rural areas where it matters most. A youth with education but lack of skills and no employment can be a recipe for disaster.
Prerana has a well-structured program for multifaceted skill development to help students bridge this gap and pursue their career aspirations. From instilling confidence to speak up to preparing them for cracking an interview, Prerana goes all out in making them employable. Education-to-Employment is the mantra that Prerana chants all the time!

Bridging the Skills Gap

Joy of Speaking

Joy of Learning Speaking is a program that aims to address students’ handicap in communicating confidently in English, by providing a supportive and nurturing environment to allow students to regain their natural ability to think and express freely. The program aims to bring well-meaning, qualified professionals and students in a series of easy, fun, creative and informative activities.


  • Help students overcome their inhibitions in communication
  • Build confidence in them to speak freely in English
  • Provide foundation skills and instill confidence to pursue opportunities of their choice.

Program Structure

Joy of Learning Speaking program has four modules that will be covered over a period of two years:

  1. Joy of Speaking: A curated series of online sessions to encourage students to open up and interact freely with volunteers/mentors.
  2. Skill Chambers: Activity-based simple & useful skill bits that enhance students’ understanding and productivity.
  3. Career Guidance: Information sessions combined with mapping of interests & abilities with opportunities.
  4. CBEES: Confidence Building in Effective English Speaking, a program to build confidence in students to speak in English.


Prerana Readiness for Employment Program is a series of training modules designed to prepare students to become work-ready by the time they graduate.  Corporate executives and experts volunteer to mentor and provide finishing touches to graduating students to achieve their career goals. As a finishing touch, HR consultants and potential employers are roped in for career placement.


  • Provide Life Skills to enhance their overall personality.
  • Help with Aptitude and other skills to increase their chances in the competitive world.
  • Impart essential digital and financial literacy skills to make them better employable.

Program Structure

PREP has four modules that will be covered over a period of 3 to 4 years:

  • Vikas: Vikas is a Life Skill Manual covering various facets of personality. 15 different topics such as Creativity, Critical Thinking, Interpersonal Skills etc. including Entrepreneurship Skills are taught in a self study, assignments and interact mode. Students will have opportunities to implement what they have learnt over a period of time making their learning a behaviour.
  • Aptitude: An interactive platform to practice and learn how to solve Aptitude questions from various competitive exams.
  • Core Skills: Learn basic digital and financial skills to become job ready.
  • Corporate Connect: Mentorship from corporate volunteers in developing resumes, participating in group discussions and experiencing mock interviews.

Snapshots from our Skills Training

Details of various training, schedules, methodology is provided in this brochure. This can be used by Students and Volunteers to plan their participation.

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